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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation and Repair in San Jose, California

Charging plays a critical role in driving an Electric Vehicle, whether you already drive an electric vehicle (EV) or are thinking of getting one.

There are three types Electric Vehicle Chargers:
  • Type for Plug-in hybrid vehicle with charge time 5 miles per hour of charge (voltage 110V);
  • Type for Battery Electric Vehicle, such as all models of Tesla with charge time 13 to 25 miles per hour of charge (voltage 240V);
  • Commercial EV Chargers with fast charging for all Battery Electric Vehicle (voltage 480V-500V
If you need to install or repair Electrical Vehicle charger, it is highly undesirable to solve them on your own, as this can be dangerous not only for your life but also for the life of your family. Fuse professional help with all of your major service needs. Our licensed electricians install and repair all types of Electric Vehicle Charger for residential and commercial use.